Student Life in RS College

Induction & Orientation

A full induction programme is arranged for new students to help them settle in at RS College. The range of activities include welcome talks by chairman, Director, senior RS College staff and the opportunity to meet your seniors.


Each semester, first year BBM/BCA /BCOM students kick-start their extracurricular activities with 'Freshers' Day - a vibrant presentation of talent and spirit in management related and cultural performances. It is also a stress free ice - breaker for new comers and helps them form cultural links and sensible bonding on a multi cultural campus.

The RS College Cup

RS College has a tradition of excellence in sports. The RS College Cup is conducted annually in order to foster a sportive spirit in students.

Graduation Day

Graduation Day will celebrate success at end of the Final semester of intense study and acquisition of skills. It will be a time to reflect on achievements, strengthen friendships, graciously acknowledge your alma mater and let young graduates - to - be... Let their hair down!

Alumni Meet

To facilitate the distant yet warm cords of bonding between students who have graduated and moved on from the portals of RS College, an alumni club has been constituted. It convenes once a year at Bangalore and is a vital link between students, their companions and the institution.


Student-organized club activities are a vital part of campus life. Besides sharing common interests and having fun, the clubs offer leadership opportunities and managerial experience. There are 5 active clubs in CMS.

Competitions & Achievements

Achievement at RS College is a habitual phenomenon where three years of imbibing skills and accumulating knowledge inevitably transforms students into invincible opponents in the face of competition. Every year, students emerge as shining examples in academic, sporting and business triumphs, bearing witness to our efforts.


RS College has taken academic and literary initiative in the form of "EXCELL" an annual magazine. It is a canvas for students to express their literary talent.

Management Exhibition

A powerful corollary to classroom academic study, Management exhibitions showcases student knowledge, skill and perception. These are organized and conducted as student initiatives, guided by academic staff

Book Review

Students at RS College are encouraged to read, analyze and present response to a wide variety of books on management, self help, fiction and non-fiction. This hones their analytical skills while encouraging the habit of reading. Ideas and sensations experienced while reading are shared in class through formal presentations.

RS College Festival

"It is a superb combination of academic and co-curricular skills, a major showcase of the thespian talent and culture symbiosis and above all a gruelling test of management expertise and business acumen. " The RS College Festival is an amalgamation of all the four national level fests under RS College. The festivals together combine education, fun and explores different facets of a human being that complement one another; the professional, the aesthetic and the personal excellence